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01 / 06 Real-time monitoring systems
02 / 06 Mobile software and apps
03 / 06 PCB manufacturing
04 / 06 Real-time data storage, processing, validation and display on a web platform
05 / 06 Automation systems using PLCs
06 / 06 Technical Support and Maintenance of 3rd party networks of data acquisition stations

Telemetry and automation solutions

What we do

Amberjack Solutions designs and develops telemetry andt automation systems for industrial use, research and development and for environmental institutions. Each project is designed according to the client's needs. Our multidisciplinary team ensures the reliability and smooth operation of our projects.

Amberjack also ensures the maintenance of its projects for many years, supported by its team of field technicians. We also provide maintenance to third-party networks of telemetry stations.


Areas of Expertise

We work together with the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute for more than a decade, developing a network of tide gauge stations around Portugal – mainland, Madeira and Azores. Maintenance teams are available 24/7 to make sure that all the network stations are up and running for as much time as possible.
Development of a network of meteo stations for a university. Measurement of total solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, wind intensity and wind direction.
Detecção de tsunamis
Tsunami Detection
We develop tidal stations for tsunami detection and make data available using seedlink protocol.
Sea Farming
We measure bio and environmental vital parameters on sea farming tanks. We provide data for research scientists.
We built stations to monitor environmental parameters as a means to co-relate the presence of visitors in caves with the development of local flora and fauna.
Industry Automation
We built assembly lines for the canned food industry using sensors, actuators and PLCs.
Meio Ambiente
We developed meteo stations in some of the azorean harbours. Maintenance teams are available 24/7 to make sure that all the network stations are up and running for as much time as possible.
We built a web management platform for a network of seismic stations and we provide maintenance 24/7 to make sure that all the network stations are up and running for as much time as possible.


Our latest work

Meteo and ocean monitoring
Supply and set-up of two oceanographic and metrological stations at the harbours of Cascais and Lagos. These stations are certified by the worldwide network GLOSS. They provide ocean level, sea temperature, air temperature and atmospheric pressure...
Direção Geral de Território / 2018
River and dam monitoring network
This network of monitoring stations delivers water level and surface water velocity data in real time. This data aims to helping the skippers to drive the boats through Douro river. Data is delivered in real time at the clients website and is avai...
APDL / 2016
Expansion of a water level monitoring network
Following the project “Water Level Monitoring in Lakes” the client awarded Amberjack a second contract for the monitoring of 6 other lakes, in 3 different islands. As in project number 1, these solar powered, energy efficient systems t...
Direcção Regional do Ambiente - Açores / 2015
Water level monitoring in lakes
The water level of the majority of the azorean lakes across its 9 islands is now monitored in real time by a network of stations developed from scratch by Amberjack Solutions. These solar powered, energy efficient systems turn on for a couple of m...
Direcção Regional do Ambiente - Açores / 2012


Clients and Partners