Amberjack Solutions

Telemetry Remote Monitoring and Automation Solutions

01 Real-time monitoring systems
Sistema de monitorização em tempo real

Complete development of custom environmental monitoring stations. Systems can use a wide variety of sensors to measure parameters such as wind direction and speed, solar radiation, CO2 levels, air or water temperature, atmospheric pressure, water level, pH or others.

02 Mobile software and apps
Software para aplicações mobile

Development of applications suitable for several platforms such as windows, Android or iOS tablets or mobiles. These platforms connect to the station via Bluetooth or web connection allowing to read data, change parameters and run several tests prior to deployment.

03 PCB manufacturing
Construção de placas de circuito impresso

We provide prototype and small batch PCBs for designers, product development departments, niche market electronics companies, universities and research establishments. We offer custom design, layout and fabrication for printed circut boards. We develop PCB for several purposes such as signal conditioning, clocking, automation and triggering. We make use of PDIP and surface mounted chips.

04 Real-time data storage, processing, validation and display on a web platform
Aquisição, processamento e apresentação de dados em plataformas Web e Mobile

Web design and programming of websites and database to receive data from the stations, to validate its quality and to display it in several formats such as graphics, csv, excel and others.

05 Automation systems using PLCs
Sistemas de automação utilizando PLCs

Development of industrial PLC systems or augmentation of existing implementation. We provide flexible, ruggedised and easily programmable controllers suitable for harsh environments. Use of several sensors and actuators depending on the application.

06 Technical Support and Maintenance of 3rd party networks of data acquisition stations
Apoio técnico e manutenção de redes de monitorização

Besides building our own telemetry stations, we also give maintenance support to 3rd party networks of stations. Our team of technicians guarantee a downtime of less than 24h.